Saturday, January 14, 2012

a surprise, a great gift, and being a mom

While Anthony was in Texas this summer he worked on a big surprise for me! A BIG Secret and he wouldn't tell me. With the help of his Dad and Marni they built me a changing table from scratch! They used real wood and it is super nice! Since Anthony didn’t get to finish it while he was there his Dad and Marni finished staining it and I am so grateful! It has been so nice to have a place to change diapers. I thought I would not use a changing table that much but it is nice since I have a Tilly dog who likes to sniff sniff sniff. 

Tilly has done very good with a baby only is a little sad with the lack of attention but I am sure all older siblings feel that. She hasn't even licked Eisley just looks at her. I think she understands how important Eisley is to us. Thank goodness the transition hasn't been too bad.

I am learning a lot and getting the hang of being a mom. It is sometimes challenging like when we have to go out and she poops 4 times. Changing diapers in the car is kind of difficult especially messy ones! I have been pooped all over and today Anthony got spit up on. I am sure there will be many more times to come of all that! Eisley is growing and is more awake and alert everyday. I gave her her first real bath a couple days ago and she screamed the whole time. Poor thing didn't like being naked. She love loves to be wrapped tight and warm. Today Anthony helped me give a real bath another try and she actually liked it and didn't scream till the very end. Hopefully she will learn to like it more and more. More about being wrapped up, I wanted to talk about an amazing gift I was given at my baby shower. Anthony pulled it out the other day and it is wonderful! A Moby Wrap given by my awesome cousins Angela and Anna! Thank you Thank you! Since Eisley loves to be wrapped up tight she loves it and falls asleep so quick! She likes to fight going to sleep and so when I put her in it bam she is out like a light! Best gift ever! Plus I can walk around and do what I need and when she falls asleep I take her out and put her in her crib. This has made life much easier!

She has been doing really good at night too. She usually only wakes up once. I put her to sleep around 9:30-10pm though. She then will sleep to 2:30 or 3 and then wakes up between 7and 8. I think that is pretty good for only being almost a month old! Hopefully she will be able to sleep longer as she gets older. I am always tired but try to take naps when I can. I am so grateful for her and especially Anthony. He helps out and will always change her diaper when I ask. He helps out more on the weekends because I don't want him to be tired for work and school. He is already the best Dad! 

This is how Eisley sleeps. According to doctors, and all the papers from the hospital babies are supposed to sleep on their backs. However the first few days home from the hospital she wouldn't sleep well and this is the only way she will sleep. If she lays on her back she wakes up. She is just like her daddy! It has been fun to have a sweet little spirit in our home and I feel so blessed to have her in our lives! :)


mad white woman said...

What a fun surprise!

My kids hated their first few baths because they were freeeeeeezing. I would always use two wash rags and lay one over their tummy to keep them warm.

That wrap was mostly Angela, so she deserves most of the credit. :) This makes me think I need to get one for my next baby.

I want to come see you and hold that sweet baby.

Krista said...

Congrats Holly! She is beautiful! My first 3 babies were tummy sleepers, So don't sweat it ;) My baby Kelsea doen't like her being on her tummy so much. I think babies like it how they like it!
I hope your getting enough rest and enjoying every moment! Tell Anthony nice work on the changing table, those come in handy!

angela hardison said...

oh, so glad you're enjoying the moby wrap! i can't wait to use one with my little baby.

eisley looks beautiful!

Megan said...

wow that is BEAUTIFUL!! they did such a good job!!

Also I'm so so happy for you and your little family to have such a sweet baby!! you are a wonderful mother I am sure! Elijah slept on his stomach alllll the time and he is fine. it was the only way he'd sleep too. so don't worry about it, do what you feel is best for you and your family and it will all be okay :)

Jana said...

That changing table is so nice! But, I must say that the creation of that adorable little girl is by far the best ever! I miss my baby!