Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the grass is greener on my side

Yay! Our little backyard is finished! It looks amazing! I never took before pictures but let me tell you it is a million times better. Before it was just plain dirt and cats would use it quite regularly and hence it stunk very bad! We tried sprinkling cat repellent on the dirt and it seemed to work for a little bit but sadly they came back. So far grass has seemed to ward them away! A big thanks to Craig, Anthony's dad, who helped lay the brick. I just love looking at my little patch of grass and lets give a big round of applause to Anthony who is the best husband ever! He laid the sod, made a little planter so I can have pretty things to grow, and bought cool succulent plants! It does need a few more though but I want to go and pick them out. Thank you Anthony for making our home a better and more welcoming place to be! Happy Day!

Anthony even stained our gate and painted it. It looks so much better! 
I just love my backyard now! It makes me happy and I might even plant some flowers. 


ryan & kara said...

Holly I love it. It's so pretty. Anthony did a great job. Love!!

mad white woman said...

Very nice. It's amazing how little projects can really make thing look so much better (not that I saw the before... just speaking from experience).

Andrew and Jena said...

congrats on your little cutie! She is adorable! Doesnt it feel great not being pregnant anymore and being able to hold them in our arms?! its the best! I'm right there with you getting hardly any sleep, but they are definitely worth it! :) Oh! And beautiful changing table! Well done Anthony!!

Jana said...

I love your back yard! It is so neat, orderly and beautiful. Just remember that if it was that way when you moved in, you would never have really appreciated it. Thank goodness we have to wait for good things!