Wednesday, March 25, 2009

its a square!

i have accomplished my very first dish rag!! it looks pretty good! i'm currently working on a scarf now. so we will see how that goes. i enjoy knitting and hope to get better at it. it sure takes a lot of practice though.

up close!

Ta Da! i did it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pot o' treats

I have amazing sisters! For Saint Patrick's Day, they put this treasure hunt together for the grand kids to find the pot of goodies. The kids were so excited to find the clues!

Spicer was pretty chill about the whole thing.

Reading the clues!

Shawna and Jett walking to the next clue!

Brayden just didn't know what to think. He kept crying any time Ginger my dog would come anywhere close.

On the logs in front of the house!

Hiking up the the barn! (not the best picture of me) but as you can see i'm not wearing Green! I got pinched quite a few times! Ouch!

My horse on the right out in the field.
They found the END! See the pot of TREATS! !
Jett was sure excited!
Anthony was super excited too, can't you tell? posing with Michelle's sunglasses on!

And the lovely Madilyn as well!

Yay! The Treasure! They were all so happy (except Cardston he missed the clue and felt left out) Overall it was pretty fun! Afterwards they blew bubbles and ate chocolate treats!

one fish!

Yesterday we went FISHING! The lake was all frozen except about 20 feet from the shore. You can see a bit of the ice in the top left corner of this picture. It was in the low 20 degrees and freezing cold! My legs felt like they were going to fall off until Anthony went to another part and left me alone.... i felt a bite! FISH ON!

This is the fish i caught, removed the hook, and put the metal thing in its mouth all by myself. I was freaking out since Anthony wasn't there, but i did it! I caught a fish!
This is it dead. It was about 13inches. Anthony wanted me to though it back since we unfortunately didn't catch any more. Anthony was pretty sad about that plus he's been to the same lake and never caught anything before either. I just got lucky i guess. I wanted to keep it and so we brought it home and found Rocks in its stomach! But it sure tasted amazing! i love fish! My Grandpa Passey was a fisherman and i must have inherited that from him!

Friday, March 13, 2009

camping long ago

This was from a long time ago camping at Green's Peak for labor day. It was before we were married so we each had our tents and had so much fun!
I found these pictures and thought they were cute!

Anthony and my dad played horseshoes! They are both pretty good!

(i think my dad won though) they were fun to watch! i unfortuantly couldn't seem to throw the shoe in the right direction or land in the spot i wanted it was either too close or too far away! haha but it was fun trying.

Love him!

Camping wouldn't be complete without a dirty mouth!

And the freezing cold, while playing cards!
And kisses to keep my nose warm!


I want to go camping so bad! I love it! Even if i have to wear my glasses!


I started knitting... i've always wanted to be able to do this amazing feat, so i'm in the learning stage. Refer to here and you can see a picture of me knitting on my recent road trip...

As you can tell i'm not very good yet, but i WILL be good one day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i love happy birthdays!

For Anthony's Birthday i wanted to create something different and creative! So i decided a kite since he wishes he could fly... haha so i made up this fun game and scavenger hunt! He loved it!

This is the kite card i made! On the back is was his card and the front is the game!

I put up this sign but in real life it looks a bit more colorful, it was so much fun!
I love Birthdays!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Three B-Days in a week!

Happy Birthday on Monday to my little nephew Branson Spicer Mills! Love this little kid! He is so adorable! He always will give long hugs and is just so sweet! KISSES FOR SPICE!
Happy Birthday SHAWNA MARIE SMITH!! My dearest sisters birthday was on Wednesday...I couldn't post this because i hadn't given her her card yet (that is her card i made below)! So I now just am posting! Plus i dont have any recent pictures of her! I need to take pictures with her! I love shawna so much she is amazing and a great friend! I hope she had a wonderful birthday and Thanks for letting me come over and chill at your house! I love to spend time with her! I am grateful for her and for being there for me! Happy Birthday!

And finally my sweet husband Anthony's Birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!

Isn't he handsome?! I just love him so much! I'm grateful to have him in my life every single day and to be married to him! He is full of surprises and loves being silly! I'm always having fun when i'm with him! He is someone i try to be better for and want to make happy. He is caring for people and very ambitious to help others! Wait he is ambitious in everything! I love that about him and how he is a morning person and i'm not. I'm so happy that i waited for him for two years and couldn't be happier! I hope that he has a great day and i will post pictures of our festivities later on! Happy Birthday to you ALL! I love you!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Salt River!

we went to the Salt River...

it was beautiful, hot, cold, and most of all fun!

at the shore throwing rocks

we made lots of cool splashes in the water!

my wonderful dad, anthony, & brian.

the river wouldn't be complete without a cool umbrella!

and funny Faces! i think anthony has about a million of them! i think they are hilarioius!

and cute little boys! poor thing got sand in his eyes!

kaden tried so hard to lift this rock, i watched him get it all the way to the river by pushing it!

jaxon just loved posing for me!

i love him!

and jett's big cheesy!
overall the river was pretty fun. i can't wait to go again when the water isn't freezing