Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pot o' treats

I have amazing sisters! For Saint Patrick's Day, they put this treasure hunt together for the grand kids to find the pot of goodies. The kids were so excited to find the clues!

Spicer was pretty chill about the whole thing.

Reading the clues!

Shawna and Jett walking to the next clue!

Brayden just didn't know what to think. He kept crying any time Ginger my dog would come anywhere close.

On the logs in front of the house!

Hiking up the the barn! (not the best picture of me) but as you can see i'm not wearing Green! I got pinched quite a few times! Ouch!

My horse on the right out in the field.
They found the END! See the pot of TREATS! !
Jett was sure excited!
Anthony was super excited too, can't you tell? posing with Michelle's sunglasses on!

And the lovely Madilyn as well!

Yay! The Treasure! They were all so happy (except Cardston he missed the clue and felt left out) Overall it was pretty fun! Afterwards they blew bubbles and ate chocolate treats!


katelines photography. said...

how fun, i just love your family. looks like you guys are doing good! chelsea and i were talking, we all need to get together soon! we're thinking a game night, would you guys be in?

landon saw that picture of maddy and asked if it was me when i was little! ha!

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

What a fun idea. You do have great sisters. :)

I didn't know Grandpa Passey was a fisherman... but it makes sense because I know that's where my mom got it from.