Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Whole Month of October!

Wow! I haven't posted in a long time! So to catch up here is a post for the whole month of October.
At the beginning of the month I made a trip without Anthony and Tilly to Snowflake to spend the weekend with my parents. I had a blast! It is rare that I get my parents all to myself when I go visit. I rode my horse, watched conference, helped my mom in the garden, and just enjoyed the cool weather. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful sunset!

The field looked like gold! It was amazing!

Digging up carrots is hard work! I loved being able to work
outside in the dirt and talk with my mom.

 The sad news of the month was my sweet Ginger passed away. :( It was a very hard day (lots of crying). I had said goodbye to her on this trip to Snowflake and so when she went I felt like at least I said goodbye and now she is happy. She was 12 years old and in a lot of pain from old age. She was the best dog! I got her as a puppy when I was in 5th grade and I miss her. I hope you are having fun in Heaven Ginger but I don't think there are any cars to chase. (that was her favorite thing to do)

In Mesa on the 5th we had this crazy storm! The hail was huge!  

When Anthony gets his mind set on something he can't stop till he finishes and so he gets this crazy idea to make a Halo helmet. Nerd! Haha however it was pretty cool to see him actually make it and fun to help him.
 Here is the helmet on the screen.
 Here is his finished product! Pretty cool eh?

 On 10.25.10 We celebrated 2 YEARS of being married! Happy Anniversary to us! We went to dinner at Bandera in downtown Scottsdale and had some yummy ice cream at Sugar Bowl! :) Sadly I am terrible at taking pictures so we didn't get any but we had a good time. 

On to the HALLOWEEN PARTY! I love Halloween! Maybe its because I can act like a little kid and get dressed up! I had been wanting to have a Halloween party ever since we got married but it never has happened. So I was so excited to have this party! Here are some of my decorations!

 Do you like me as a pirate? Arg!

 Doesn't Anthony make the perfect Nerd? He said all he did was put on
his clothes for the day and he was in his costume! haha

Emily Tunnel, Ren Mario, Craig Luigi, and Sarah Tunnel! I just love this! Awesome Costumes!

The Guys!
The Girls!

Tilly watching. She loves to rest her head like this and watch me from the stairs.

On Halloween Night Anthony had to work sadness! However it was his last day at Venezia's Pizza! No more nights! I'm ecstatic about this! I get to have him home and he wont miss out on fun. When he got home from work we finally carved our pumpkins. Mine is the Bat (because Batman rocks) Anthony's is the Headless Horseman. I'm sad that October is over but it was great fun!  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fairy lights

my fairy drawing. just imagine there are legs because i never quite got around to them.

Monday, July 26, 2010

24th Celebration!

I love going home even if it means a different bed, waking up at the crack of dawn, or crazy kids screaming and running around. I love how beautiful Snowflake is and the best part is to be with family.
This morning was so delightful. I love overcast weather.

The Parade was fun to watch, visit and see all the happy children. It is awesome seeing people you haven't seen in a long time!

At the Parade sitting next to Michelle and below with Shawna at the birthday party for Jaxon, Kaden, Hailey, and Piper.

These girls are amazing! I love them both so much and am grateful to have them as my sisters.

We took family pictures! I now have 15 nieces and nephews! Fun Fun Times! I should have taken more pictures but we were able to spend time with Anthony's Dad and Marni! We miss them! Also we spent time with his mom and little sister Emma. Tilly had a blast running around with the kids and has been so tired all day today. I get sad when we have to say goodbye to everyone and come back to this horrible heat! At least we cooled down for the weekend! I can't wait till next trip to home.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Fingers

Last week my brother and sister-in-law welcomed their first baby! She is adorable!
I love holding her and I am so happy to have another niece!
Congrats Scott & Sherice on your beautiful EmmaLyn!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Sweetness!

When I go home to my parents's house I like to dig through old stuff and find treasures. I get so excited when I find things that were my Grandma's. When my Grandma passed my mom got some odd and ends of her things. Like some of her Jewelry, materials to make dolls, and some rocks. (She was a rock collector!) I'm sure she got other things but those are the things I remember the most. I found this a long time ago but love wearing it. I know its cheap and lots of the diamond green rocks are missing but because it was hers I just love it.

Also in my rummaging I found these cool buttons. I wanted to make them into earrings so I cut off the back part that made them buttons. Bought earring blanks from Hobby Lobby and TA DA!

Then I wanted to make some rings. Take a cool button, ring blank, and some glue to make fabulous! I love them!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bouncing Beagle

This was camping at Bear Lake. We call this the Bouncing Beagle!

She makes me laugh. Whenever Tilly gets excited, sees a big field of grass, or gets off her leash this is what happens. She was tired by this point but imagine this running around times 10 and trying to chase after her when she is this crazy! haha

Sunday, June 13, 2010

go fetch video

We made our first stop motion picture video.
Anthony created the little man and I created the pet snail.
Clay is fun!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

basking in the rays

My family went camping memorial day weekend to Bear Canyon Lake and I forgot my nice camera! I was so sad but thankfully I still had my little one. Here are a few shots from the trip!

I love the light shining through the leaves!

Down in this raveen we found an old broken well.

Reflection in a pool of water from snow run off

Tanner, Tilly, Hailey, & my wonderful mother!

Our last day we went fishing. Anthony caught two! He's one fish up on me now!

Us Camping! Thanks Shawna for the picture!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A New Job!

Anthony got a new job! Very exciting! He was getting really tired of his old job and terrible hours. Personally I hated having him work 3 to11pm wednesday thursday friday and not getting home till almost midnight. Now he is a pizza delivery boy! haha He likes this new job and driving around places plus tips are nice. Also it works with his school schedule. If anyone wants some really delicious pizza/wings check it out here at Venezia's Pizzeria! (He works at the North Mesa location just to let you know) Happy Eating Pizza!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

that name of mine

When you tell your name to people do they sort of giggle or cough out a chuckle? Well I get it all the time.

I am so used to it that I actually laugh with them and proceed to tell them a little about it. My whole life everyone has called me Hol and I went and married a Hall. Hol Hall sounds funny, a mouth full, so when I say my name to people I pronounce it as clear as I can, Holly Hall.

I met this old lady at church and she asked me my name and I told her. She started laughing and said, “Well you don’t hear that every day! That should be easy to remember!” Well the next time I see her she had forgotten my name and I smiled telling her again, she laughed saying “Oh that’s right,” and continued laughing. Wow I’m thinking is my name really that bad? But she then says, “That is so cute, Holly Hall!” She hasn’t forgotten my name since.

I like my name even if people giggle at it. Maybe that is why my middle name is Joy. When I was little I never liked telling people my middle name but Anthony always has called me Holly Joy when he wrote letters and notes to me. Since then I have loved it everyday!

Oh have I ever told you about my few nicknames? They are not crazy ones or strangely different from my name but I do have them. I have always been called Hollis, Hollars and Hollar. Then I was dubbed Holls Balls by the girls at work. At first I hated that one but now I think it is funny. Last is my pirate name! I love pirates! Always have since my dad would tell me pirate stories and when I read Treasure Island and Peter Pan. My brother Scott dubbed my name since he is the pirate Capitan Neck Beard. My name is Jolly Joy Roger! Anyways let just say I love my name! 

I can't tell you how excited I was to see this Restaurant! (We didn't eat there, pirate food doesn't sound all that great haha)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

feeling the breeze

Last night I went to first friday in downtown Phx with my cousins Melanie and Julie! I think anyone who is artsy in anyway should go at least once. It is fun to see all the interesting and creative people who gather together. I love seeing how innovative people are with all forms of art.

Today we deep cleaned the whole house but somehow it feels like we didn't even clean. Looking at all the dog toys on the ground, school books and homework papers, mail on the couch and laundry still waiting to be washed. Well I guess it makes me feel good that it is clean underneath it all. 
The best part of my day was going on a drive to Scottsdale with Anthony and Tilly. We took the long way to our destination on side streets. It is fun to take small roads and not freeways. I enjoyed watching Tilly sniffle in the wind.
weekends are the best! :)