Tuesday, April 28, 2009

two hearts!

Last night we went to Logans Roadhouse with Scott and Sherice. When Anthony and i got our food i was so excited! I had to take a picture! we both got hearts made out of chicken!

Our food loves us!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

hiking with the hancocks

Today we went to the superstition mountains with Melanie and James. It was so fun! I haven't been hiking in a really long time so it was great and not too hard of a climb. The desert is amazing.

Mel and James!

I was really stoked!

Up where the water was supposed to be but sadly is was dry. It usually has a waterfall but only had some shallow pools with tadpoles.

the hieroglyphics were cool!

Mel and I attempting to take a picture but we couldn't without laughing! Haha we took some really funny ones.

Cactus are so cool!

This lizard was awesome, it was pretty big too!

On our hike back! I think hiking will be a new hobby of ours!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


while we were at the beach i went shell crazy. i was trying to find the coolest shells until my back hurt from bending over! i think i picked up a little too many... i have more than this too... any ideas with what to do with shells? haha (dont worry, i bleached them so they dont stink!)

the details on shells are incredible! i find it fascinating!

And on a REALLY happy note i finally got this wonderful cd! I am in love! seriously maybe because Anthony can tell me what they are saying when i ask (he speaks french you know) but after listening to this whole cd i was dancing and so incredibly happy even though i have no idea what they are saying. haha i love it!

guess who came to visit?


I got my favorite easter candy robin eggs/ reeses and anthony got starburst jellybeans! not too much but thats all we wanted. I love easter! haha

We had to take some fun pictures. hum.... ya anthony is crazy

I love him though and we have fun together!

we went to the west

this easter weekend we decided (with scott and sherice's persuasive skills) to go to california for the day. we went to DISNEYLAND and CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE!!! and it sure was a blast!

On our Way!

Scottie Boy!


US in the car!

i love passing through the windmills they are amazing!

So i dont have any pics from disney land haha i was having too much fun!

the next day we went to the beach! anthony was so excited to get there!

The beach ball blew away! anthony chased it so far away!

He saved the ball!


I loved every minute of the beach! my favorite part was shell hunting!

It was soooo cold from the wind.

Ah blissful to lay on the beach!

I dont like wearing my glasses but i forgot contact solution!


It really was amazing! i love the ocean!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Isn't origami amazing? i absolutely love making things out of paper...
this was my latest creation.