Saturday, April 18, 2009

hiking with the hancocks

Today we went to the superstition mountains with Melanie and James. It was so fun! I haven't been hiking in a really long time so it was great and not too hard of a climb. The desert is amazing.

Mel and James!

I was really stoked!

Up where the water was supposed to be but sadly is was dry. It usually has a waterfall but only had some shallow pools with tadpoles.

the hieroglyphics were cool!

Mel and I attempting to take a picture but we couldn't without laughing! Haha we took some really funny ones.

Cactus are so cool!

This lizard was awesome, it was pretty big too!

On our hike back! I think hiking will be a new hobby of ours!


mo'ikeha said...

Glad you found 'joy of life' even outside of a big city. Living in a five million city, you may imagen how glade I were, learning that there are still people around, finding happiness in a desert.

Traci and Marcus said...

How fun. I haven't talked to melanie in a really long time. Tell her I said hi. Do they live here too?

Traci and Marcus said...

wow you remembered my birthday, you are too sweet! thanks :)