Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eisley Joy Hall

Yay my pregnancy is over!! I tell you it is the best feeling ever to finally feel good again! Here is the story of Eisley's arrival into this world. I know this is long but I wanted it written down for myself. I went for my doctors appointment on Friday Dec 16th. I hadn't progressed since the last Tuesday and so he stripped my membranes and called the hospital to schedule my inducement for the next morning at 9. I was so excited and nervous and felt like I had to get everything done. I think Anthony thought I was going crazy. I called my mom and she came to the valley. I told her it might not be for awhile because Dr. Layton said the Hospital was really backed up so to call before I could go in. Well my mom got here and I was having contractions but nothing that hurt.

Then Saturday morning I called the hospital they said they were full and would call me back. Anthony, my mom, and I went shopping, we walked walked walked, went to lunch, went to the Temple lights and the whole day I was having a lot of contractions still nothing that hurt. I called back to the hospital twice on Saturday, they said maybe sometime in the night. Oh great so I didn't sleep too well but that was normal for my whole pregnancy.

Sunday morning I called and they said they still had no room for me. I felt like Mary not being able to get into the Inn. I just was grateful I didn't have to deliver in a stable. I just felt like I would never get in. (18 babies were delivered at the hospital on Sat and 15 on Sun I think everyone wanted to get their babies out before Christmas) We went to church and then came home to take a nap. The hospital called while I was asleep and Anthony said Holly get the phone! I woke up and they said to come in! We went in around 6pm and got checked in I had so many nurses the whole time I was there and they were all so nice. I had 8 different nurses! My second one started me on cervidil at 8pm. Ahh night time was horrible! I had all those monitors hooked up to me and I only slept an hour. They were going to start me on Pit at 7 but for the last two hours 5 to 7 I started having really painful contractions. I asked for the epidural before they started Pit! Thank goodness! It makes such a difference and I felt so so much better. The epidural didn't hurt at all and I am so very thankful for it! I waited till 10am and my doctor shows up and I asked to break my water. I was dilated to 4. He did and that is when I started to get sick. Since I hadn't eaten anything I started throwing up and so they gave me Zofran for the nausea and then I got really really itchy. I had a reaction to something and started to get dizzy. I was spinning, itchy all over, and so nauseous. I was having really hard contractions and shaking. My mom asked the nurses to check me at 11:30am and she said no we will check her at 12pm. I felt ready to push at 11:30. Well we waited I think I threw up again and was very sick. The nurse finally checks me and before she does she says that I am probably at 6 or 7 by now...oh no I am at 10! She said you are ready we need to get the doctor. They all run around and Dr. Layton is in surgery and so they grab Dr. Tutt and he gets there a few minutes later. It was funny because my mom grew up with Dr. Tutt. He gave her a big hug when he saw her and they were chatting the whole time catching up. He was super nice and I liked having him deliver Eisley. Right when I needed to start pushing I got so sick. I felt like I was going to pass out and Anthony said I lost all the color in my skin. I felt so light headed and then they gave me oxygen and it made world of a difference. I was able to push and 4 pushes later Eisley came out at 12:22pm! The nurses were all shocked at how quick she came for my first baby! I felt grateful! When she came she wasn't crying and I saw a knot in the umbilical cord and it was wrapped around her neck. Dr. Tutt quickly cut it and they took her get cleaned up and they gave her a little oxygen. She never made a peep and I kept thinking is she okay. Dr. Tutt said she is fine, her color looks good and everything is great. She just laid there and looked around such a good little girl! My mom kept saying she is adorable and I couldn't really see her so I was just watching Anthony. He was teary eyed and I started crying out of joy because it was finally over! I feel blessed in so many ways. Eisley is our little bundle of Joy and I am glad we decided to name her middle name after mine. She is such a good baby. It is an adjustment getting used to having a baby and sleeping whenever I get a chance. Everyone always told me it is so worth it and it is! Our lives have changed but it is a good change and I feel better than I have in 9 months! Here she is all perfect and amazing! We are blessed and in love with her!
This one was at the hospital and the ones below were taken a few days later by my wonderful sister Michelle!

Lastly I want to thank Anthony and my mom for all their help! I couldn't have done it without them and am so grateful for both of them. Thank you for helping me through this long journey! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Baby Shower!

I am so grateful for my sisters and mom! They are the best! I had my shower when I was 35 weeks. I am truly grateful for all the people that came and all the cute gifts! It was fun to get out of the house and enjoy the company of so many people I love. Thank you to everyone that came or gave me gifts! I don't think I can thank my sisters and mom enough for all they have done and do for me! Thank you Shawna, Sherice, Michelle, & Mom!  

 All the food was amazing and I am thankful for all those that helped!
 Thanks to Melanie too for her help!

Shawna & little Paityn!
 Sherice & Hailey!
 Michelle & Hailey!
  These three sisters have seriously spoiled me rotten! I feel so blessed to have them in my family!
 Thank you!

 My wonderful mom crocheted this blanket for me and it is so adorable! Her first blanket!
Thank you mom! 
 Here is a side profile of my little belly! 
My Aunt Delight, Aunt Helen, Cousin Cindy, and my mom! They are the best! Don't they look like sisters? Baby showers are FUN! Especially for little baby girls! I got so many cute outfits and cute things! I am getting excited for her to get here! I am progressing along nicely and think she is going to get here sooner than we think! I am ready for this baby to come out! I have been going to the hospital every week for tests because my doctor wants to monitor the fluid to make sure she is okay since I am so small. Everything has looked good and I am ready to breath normal again! Please come soon baby!
  Cheers to being 38weeks today!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hunting Season

Anthony got the pleasure of being drawn for Bull Elk this year! His dad was in town and so he had fun spending time with him. 1st day of the hunt and Anthony shot this little feller. He is small but Anthony said if I shoot something big the first time what will I have to look forward to? Plus I bet he is going to taste much better! I was happy that he killed quick and was able to spend the whole Thanksgiving week with him! 
Anthony & TJ

Craig(Anthony's Dad), Grandpa Hall, & Anthony! (Thanks TJ for the pics!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spa Day!

Let me just say that I love the spa. It is so awesome! I wish I could go every single month and get a massage. I love how it is so relaxing and all the workers cater to your ever whim. I am grateful for Tom and his gift to us girls. I wish I still worked at KS and miss it very much, but at least I am still friends with Kara and Sarah! 

 These two girls are amazing! They bring so much happiness into my life and I enjoy every minute with them! LOVE YOU SARAH and KARA! 
Thanks for the fun time girls, a shout out to Tom, and to Kara for providing pics! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

I love Halloween! It is one of my favorite Holidays for some reason. I just love pumpkins, dressing up, parties and lets not forget candy! Unfortunately this hasn't been the most exciting one since we didn't have a party...well we went to the ward trunk or treat and judged the SCREAM contest! Haha it was really funny to see all these little kids screaming so loud! I loved seeing all the costumes! People are creative! Anthony dressed up as a soccer player and I just went as me or you could say a pregnant lady. I wasn't feeling too well due to throwing up again everyday for the last while. :( I was sad not to dress up but oh well there is always next year! Sunday night Anthony and I carved pumpkins! I couldn't miss out on this one. Anthony said thank you to me and I said for what. He said that it was fun and he wouldn't have done it if I hadn't wanted to. We carved two of my favorite things. Batman and Pirates! I carved the skull and crossbones and Anthony carved the batman symbol.

 Isn't our door so exciting?! haha we actually had more kids this year than last year which was fun! Even Anthony's little 7 year old sister(She was a cheerleader!) and his mom came to visit too! I think more kids came this year because all the kids in our complex like Anthony and I. They always say HI Spiderman! to Anthony and ask me when I'm having my baby every time they see me. They even hang out in front of our door all the time.

On another note we have been working hard on our house. Anthony is awesome!! He has been crossing things off the honey do list! He has re-stained our vanity, cleaned our outside closet, painted and stained our gate(it closes much better now!), he mopped the floor for me since it is hard for me to bend, and he hung a shelf for me!



It was Anthony's first staining project so it is pretty awesome! I am glad it is done and looks oh so much better!

Since I'm saying how great Anthony is I might as well mention that he won a competition at ASU! He entered this Tax Competition for PWC and out of the whole school his group of 5 won $1000 collectively. He brought home a $250 gift card on Friday! Such a blessing and his group's project/presentation video gets sent on to be judged with like 40 other schools. I thought it was pretty sweet! Good Job to Anthony and his Group! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 Years and a baby update!

Happy Anniversary to us! I can't believe it has been 3 years! I feel so blessed to have Anthony in my life and for all that he does for me! I sure am grateful he still makes me laugh everyday. He likes to dance right in front of me all the time and never stops making noises. I think you sure learn a lot from being married and think he is one of the silliest people I've ever met but in reality I would be so so sad if he wasn't here with me! He is such as blessing to me!  I love you Anthony Hall!

Well on to a little update about me I guess it is time to post a belly picture...I will be 32 weeks this week. I physically want this baby out so bad! Mentally not so much. I am ready to feel better and feel like my body hasn't ever been through anything this tough so far. I am sick of being sick. This has been challenging physically and emotionally. All I can say is I am grateful for my amazing husband who loves me even when I am mean sometimes, can't cook dinner every night, the laundry gets backed up, the house is a mess, and will still kiss me even though I feel like I've puked a million times(I probably have). He is amazing and I will always be grateful for him. I really think that I would be dead by now without my husband, my mom, and my Heavenly Father. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the support and love I have been given. I know my prayers have been answered when I have felt the lowest of lows. I know that I have the support of the Lord because when I have the worst day ever and feel like I can't possible do this anymore I feel like my burden is lifted the next day. Each day is a new story and a struggle but I am almost to the end. I do not understand why some have it so easy and some have it so hard but each has their own journey to make. It is hard for me not to compare to others but I know I was meant to go through this for a reason which has drawn me closer to Christ and knowing that he is on my side makes it a little bit easier to bear this.  I can't wait to meet our little girl and just to hold her for the first time. I know then that all the heartburn, acid re-flux, nausea, throwing up, kicking in the ribs, bacterial infection, cold&cough, dizziness, feeling rotten, discomfort, waking up to pee 10 times in the night and not sleeping well will all have been worth it. Plus to feel better and have a cute little baby from this will make me so happy. :)
sorry it is in the b-room but its the only way to take a pic of my belly. also my hair is not done today but that is nothing new.  

Monday, October 10, 2011


 I think having a dog has prepared me for kids in a way. I have learned a lot from owning a dog. It was really hard at first with the potty training and not peeing on the carpet. The day we got her she held her pee all day and wouldn't go. I was taking her out every 30 min and then she decided she couldn't hold it anymore. I swear I had never seen so much pee come out of a puppy all over the floor. I even clapped my hands and yelled trying to get her to stop but once she started it just kept coming and I even picked her up and it was still coming out! 

The other frustrating thing was her chewing up cords(x-box, computer cords, cell phone cords), pencils(I'm surprised she didn't get lead poisoning, pens(which got all over the carpet and couch...she got out while we weren't home),  she has chewed up my make up so many times like eye liner pencils and eye shadow brushes( I am the one to blame since I left my bag or them on the floor), and she ruined my favorite high heals (that heal must have been pretty tasty). Wow I'm glad that stage is over! However she still thinks she has a claim on any small plastic object as hers to chew on and q-tips are her favorite thing to find and chew up.  

I learned to never buy stuffed toys for her. I looked away for two seconds and this is what I find. 
Notice the stuffing is hanging from her mouth. Guilty! 

Whenever she has done something wrong all she wants to do is cuddle and tell me sorry. I just can't help but love her. She has her weaknesses like when people come over she gets soooo excited and can't control her noise level or jumping. We are working on it still. I have to keep her in her kennel because I'm afraid people will get scrapped by her front nails. I am worried about her being too excited with a baby. Anthony says we will have to keep working with her. If she can do tricks like sit, stay, twirl, shake, hi five, roll over, play dead, beg and bow I think we can teach her to calm down. Tilly is fun to take to the dog park and she is always so eager to play, go on walks, and meet new people/dogs. Her all time favorite toy is the laser. Even if she hears the click to turn it on she is ready to chase it!

I can't help but love my brown eyed girl and I am grateful for all the experiences she has taught me to be a little prepared to have this baby. I know its not the same thing or close but maybe just a little it has helped change me into a more patient person and serving towards others needs. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rant about Ants

I hate ants! They have given me so much grief every summer we've lived at our townhouse. Well that is only two summers but hey they are the worst little beasts ever! Let me explain. Last summer it was dusk outside and I was chatting to my neighbor just outside my door on the sidewalk. I had been talking for a little while and then I felt them....bite bite bite! AHhhhhh the worst pain! Now let me give you a little detail on these ants that live here, they are RED and very little. Smaller than the normal small ants. They have a killer bite that my body has a bad reaction to. First they sting really bad and then within minutes they swell to about the size of a nickle then swell to about the size of a plum. I got bit last summer 11 times by these beasties! All over my toes and ankles! I was rubbing creams on them all day and couldn't sleep at night because they throb and itch so bad! Well after a week they finally stopped itching but red little pus bumps formed and stayed for a couple more weeks. The dots stayed for a few more weeks after that. Horrible experience and so I have been very cautious since those 11 bites. However I guess this summer I haven't been cautious enough.

My ant story begins once we got back from Oregon. I was upstairs in the hallway and picked up a plastic bag. Bite bite ahhhhhh! I look down to see little black ants all over my bare feet! I screamed and Anthony got the vacuum and we started vacuuming tons of ants. (Little black ant bites are not that bad they only sting at the beginning and then itch a little but after a day they are just little marks that don't itch.) So these ants decided to make a trail from the inside of my wall to the other wall across the hallway. After some major vacuuming and bait poison they finally left the hallway after a few days. Well they didn't leave the house they found their way downstairs across the floor a huge trail. I swear they just popped out of thin air because I was sitting on the couch with no ants on the floor then I look and see an ant crawling on the couch! Then to look on the floor to see it covered! By this point I was freaking out because I was determined not to get bit again. Anthony and I went and bought some bug spray and sprayed our whole house and outside. The ants died instantly and haven't come back. We have been ant free except for every sidewalk around and all the grass outside. On Monday I was taking Tilly out and saw my next door neighbor. They have two dogs that are Tilly's friends so I let Tilly off her leash and let them run around. I started talking to neighbor and looked down and realized ooops too late I was standing on an ant trail. Little black ones so not too bad but I got bit four times. Dang ants! Then yesterday I went to take Tilly out again and was watching my feet and stamping. I saw no ants so I step to pick up Tilly's business and bite bite! I could already tell from the bite that this was no black ant attack. I was so angry. Two seconds and I get bit by stupid little RED ants! Once on the toe and once on the ankle. Last night was hard to fall asleep because they itched and throbbed so much and lets add that I can't sleep very well anyways being pregnant. I wake up at 3:40am and had to get up to rub itching cream all over them just so I could fall asleep again. My ankle has been swollen, throbbing all day and itchy. I just have to rant about these dang ants and can't understand why they bite me! I am getting afraid to go outside and told Anthony I want him to spray bug spray everywhere outside. I have officially decided I hate ants more than mosquitoes and I hate them pretty bad. So to ALL the ants outside LEAVE ME ALONE!

 Here is my bite about 1 min after it bit me. 
Here is the bite today. It is from my cell phone so not a very good picture but see the huge red area that is swollen? It itches and throbs so bad and it has gone down a little.
Yes that is an ant bite. :( Imagine 11 of them. I'm so glad it was only two this time!
 I might just have to wage war on these evil creatures! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A quick trip that happened to take place in Oregon

Oregon is beautiful! I loved every minute of it and enjoyed our trip! We stayed with Anthony's little sister Kelsey and Kasen his brother. It was really fun to see a place so green and spend time with them.  

Our first day there we cooked hamburgers and went on a little walk around their neighborhood, to the park and to see the schools. 
The next day we went to the mall and I bought some new kicks because I needed better shoes for all the walking we were planning on doing and I'm so glad I did! 
We then stopped by a river to have an Ice cream picnic! 

Kelsey and her boyfriend Tanner! It was fun to meet Tanner and have him with us. 
It was pretty hot outside and Kelsey decided to jump in the freezing water! 
Soon everyone followed except me so I just took pictures.

See I was there! Oh and my little belly was too!

They had fun but I was glad I didn't get in once they got out soaking wet. We didn't have towels either so they had to air dry but I don't think they got dry by the time we got home. 

The gang! Anthony, Kasen, Kelsey, and Tanner!

The next day we drove to the coast. In Forence they had Sandboarding and the guys all did it. It was really fun to see because I had never heard of it before. It looks hot in these pictures but it was actually cold and really windy. 

Did I mention that I even went down a little hill? haha it was so fun! 
I have never been snowboarding so it was a fun experience. 

After that we drove to Honeyman's lake and the guys Sandboarded some more and went swimming. The water was actually pretty warm but it was cold because of the wind. 

Anthony has a really bad farmers tan from working outside in 
Texas all summer but he is still so cute!

Kasen in the Sand! 

After the lake we went to the coast and saw the Ocean! 
It is beautiful but I was surprised at how cold it is and windy. 

Then we found Hobbit Trail and hiked down to Hobbit Beach! 
I loved every single minute of this trail and was fascinated by all the trees and beauty. 
I don't think pictures can show just how amazing it was. 

Once we got to the beach we found this beauty of a lookout! Perfect spot for a fire and dinner. While everyone hiked back up to the car to get supplies I got to sit and enjoy this beautiful world. The sun was hitting the waves and the fog was coming up out of the sea. I love the Ocean. I just wished that it was warmer but it was still amazing to be there. 
Me waiting for everyone to get back just looking out over the ocean. 

Before our fire and after once Anthony and Kasen got it started. 

We ate hot dogs and a fire wouldn't be complete without roasted marshmellows and starbursts!

Anthony said that it was one of his top five moments in life! It was pretty spectacular!  

The next day we relaxed and went to the Saturday market. Hippies, Dreds, Tie dye, and people everywhere. It was awesome! I enjoyed seeing all different kinds of people and cool things people were selling and the music playing. 
We also went to Off the Waffle for lunch and it was delicious! 

The last day we were there we went on a bike ride along and over the river.
 I did pretty well and didn't get too tired. 

Thank you Kristy, Kelsey, Kasen, and Gracee for letting us stay with you! 
We had so much fun and would love to go back and visit again soon!