Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eisley Joy Hall

Yay my pregnancy is over!! I tell you it is the best feeling ever to finally feel good again! Here is the story of Eisley's arrival into this world. I know this is long but I wanted it written down for myself. I went for my doctors appointment on Friday Dec 16th. I hadn't progressed since the last Tuesday and so he stripped my membranes and called the hospital to schedule my inducement for the next morning at 9. I was so excited and nervous and felt like I had to get everything done. I think Anthony thought I was going crazy. I called my mom and she came to the valley. I told her it might not be for awhile because Dr. Layton said the Hospital was really backed up so to call before I could go in. Well my mom got here and I was having contractions but nothing that hurt.

Then Saturday morning I called the hospital they said they were full and would call me back. Anthony, my mom, and I went shopping, we walked walked walked, went to lunch, went to the Temple lights and the whole day I was having a lot of contractions still nothing that hurt. I called back to the hospital twice on Saturday, they said maybe sometime in the night. Oh great so I didn't sleep too well but that was normal for my whole pregnancy.

Sunday morning I called and they said they still had no room for me. I felt like Mary not being able to get into the Inn. I just was grateful I didn't have to deliver in a stable. I just felt like I would never get in. (18 babies were delivered at the hospital on Sat and 15 on Sun I think everyone wanted to get their babies out before Christmas) We went to church and then came home to take a nap. The hospital called while I was asleep and Anthony said Holly get the phone! I woke up and they said to come in! We went in around 6pm and got checked in I had so many nurses the whole time I was there and they were all so nice. I had 8 different nurses! My second one started me on cervidil at 8pm. Ahh night time was horrible! I had all those monitors hooked up to me and I only slept an hour. They were going to start me on Pit at 7 but for the last two hours 5 to 7 I started having really painful contractions. I asked for the epidural before they started Pit! Thank goodness! It makes such a difference and I felt so so much better. The epidural didn't hurt at all and I am so very thankful for it! I waited till 10am and my doctor shows up and I asked to break my water. I was dilated to 4. He did and that is when I started to get sick. Since I hadn't eaten anything I started throwing up and so they gave me Zofran for the nausea and then I got really really itchy. I had a reaction to something and started to get dizzy. I was spinning, itchy all over, and so nauseous. I was having really hard contractions and shaking. My mom asked the nurses to check me at 11:30am and she said no we will check her at 12pm. I felt ready to push at 11:30. Well we waited I think I threw up again and was very sick. The nurse finally checks me and before she does she says that I am probably at 6 or 7 by now...oh no I am at 10! She said you are ready we need to get the doctor. They all run around and Dr. Layton is in surgery and so they grab Dr. Tutt and he gets there a few minutes later. It was funny because my mom grew up with Dr. Tutt. He gave her a big hug when he saw her and they were chatting the whole time catching up. He was super nice and I liked having him deliver Eisley. Right when I needed to start pushing I got so sick. I felt like I was going to pass out and Anthony said I lost all the color in my skin. I felt so light headed and then they gave me oxygen and it made world of a difference. I was able to push and 4 pushes later Eisley came out at 12:22pm! The nurses were all shocked at how quick she came for my first baby! I felt grateful! When she came she wasn't crying and I saw a knot in the umbilical cord and it was wrapped around her neck. Dr. Tutt quickly cut it and they took her get cleaned up and they gave her a little oxygen. She never made a peep and I kept thinking is she okay. Dr. Tutt said she is fine, her color looks good and everything is great. She just laid there and looked around such a good little girl! My mom kept saying she is adorable and I couldn't really see her so I was just watching Anthony. He was teary eyed and I started crying out of joy because it was finally over! I feel blessed in so many ways. Eisley is our little bundle of Joy and I am glad we decided to name her middle name after mine. She is such a good baby. It is an adjustment getting used to having a baby and sleeping whenever I get a chance. Everyone always told me it is so worth it and it is! Our lives have changed but it is a good change and I feel better than I have in 9 months! Here she is all perfect and amazing! We are blessed and in love with her!
This one was at the hospital and the ones below were taken a few days later by my wonderful sister Michelle!

Lastly I want to thank Anthony and my mom for all their help! I couldn't have done it without them and am so grateful for both of them. Thank you for helping me through this long journey! 


mad white woman said...

She's such a little doll!

Jana said...

Holly, I am so happy that your precious little Eisley is here! She is adorable and you are the best mommy too. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the birth and for the wonderful time we had together waiting for her to arrive. I loved being able to help you afterwards too and to have you come home for Christmas. I miss you all!

David and Jana said...

Congratulations! What a story! You did a lot of waiting!! I am so glad you feel better and that everything turned out great! Your baby is adorable!! Live it up, they grow so quickly!!

angela hardison said...

holly, congratulations again! loved reading that story... can't believe i have to go through something similar soon... ahh! haha. she is SO SO adorable.