Thursday, September 24, 2009

a walk to the white shack

One of my favorite places in all the world is home. It's where I spent all of my childhood running up to the barn and playing for hours with no shoes on. That was probably the best part because I hate wearing shoes. By the end of the summer my feet were so hard from rocks & stickers. Melanie and I know the art of running full speed on rocks. We (as in my cousins and I) used to spend our time all day up at the barn playing until the sun started to go down. Every place had a name such as the sandrock, the haybarn, the hill, the tank. I love taking Anthony with me up to the barn and telling him about all the fun times like playing in the hay and playing pirates on the trailers & tractors. Well a couple weekends ago Anthony, Tilly, & I went on a walk to the barn.

The barn & haybarn.
My beautiful Miss Pretty (Pretty Miss Mills) I love her.

The White Shack....well it is not so white anymore. This shack was always a mystery to me because it was off limits. I never knew what was inside until I found out a few years ago.
Opening the lock to find...a place full of old treasures!

See what I mean by treasures? Old books! Love love!

It was a fun walk to the barn! Every time I go home it is always special!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

a delightful visit with a lovely lady

Sometimes I wish time would move faster and other times I wish it would slow down. I have had a lot of time to think lately since Anthony started working till 11pm wed-fri(Anyone want to do something let me know!) and on these days I wish time would move faster. When Anthony is home I wish it would slow down and so the thought came into mind while having the most lovely dinner last night. I must say that I had the Greatest 5th Grade Teacher ever! My mom and I went to dinner with Mrs. G! Nina recently moved here and she was incredibly happy to have some friends to go to dinner with! When I first saw her I hardly recognized her because when you haven't seen a person in 10ish years it can be difficult to recognize them. I gave her a big hug and said "I'm bigger than you!" haha kind of a silly thing to say but in 5th grade your teacher is bound to be taller than you. Nina is the sweetest lady and I can't wait for the next visit to see her! She is amazing let me tell you a little about her. She has recently had two brain aneurysms and so her being alive and well is a miracle. She made me realize that we should make the most of our time and to be positive. I remember her class to be challenging and A LOT of memorizing! She is a runner and so she would make the class go running on the track every Friday and we all hated it(well maybe it was just me). She even made us go when there was ice on the ground. I remember having fun in her class and Dana moving there. Dressing up for our Christmas play and reciting our poems. She also pounded the Revolutionary War into our brains and learning the 50 states and capitals! Our dinner also made me realize I can and should be a friend to everyone! I'm grateful for Nina Goodwin and for the lovely lady she is! I had a wonderful time!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

the desert is hot

It sometimes is amazing when i stop for a moment just to look around me. i see this everyday at the building next door, but until the other day i had never really looked up.
i wish sometimes i could block out all the cars and buildings(they can be distracting)...i wonder why i live in the city? At least this place has some beautiful skies even if it is 120 degrees!

the other day i discovered what is wrong with me...i thought for awhile i might be crazy but now i know i have what is called cold urticaria or in other words i'm allergic to the cold. Yes that is a real thing! every time i get into cold water i get hives, or if my body gets too cold i get really itchy. so i have decided even though i hate the heat here at least i dont have hives all the time from being cold! YAY i'm not crazy!