Thursday, September 24, 2009

a walk to the white shack

One of my favorite places in all the world is home. It's where I spent all of my childhood running up to the barn and playing for hours with no shoes on. That was probably the best part because I hate wearing shoes. By the end of the summer my feet were so hard from rocks & stickers. Melanie and I know the art of running full speed on rocks. We (as in my cousins and I) used to spend our time all day up at the barn playing until the sun started to go down. Every place had a name such as the sandrock, the haybarn, the hill, the tank. I love taking Anthony with me up to the barn and telling him about all the fun times like playing in the hay and playing pirates on the trailers & tractors. Well a couple weekends ago Anthony, Tilly, & I went on a walk to the barn.

The barn & haybarn.
My beautiful Miss Pretty (Pretty Miss Mills) I love her.

The White Shack....well it is not so white anymore. This shack was always a mystery to me because it was off limits. I never knew what was inside until I found out a few years ago.
Opening the lock to find...a place full of old treasures!

See what I mean by treasures? Old books! Love love!

It was a fun walk to the barn! Every time I go home it is always special!


Him, Her & The Wee One said...

Here's my memory of the white shack: Dave and Kevin told me and Michelle that for every minute we hid in the alfalfa field without them finding us, we could each choose a book. So we hid, ran through the fields and learned that alfalfa leaves little cuts all over your legs. Oh, and they didn't ever give us any books (probably 'cause they weren't theirs to give). :)

Jenn and Tyler said...

Awwww so many memories walking to the barn and playing at the tank and the mountain! I always wondered what was in the mysterious shack too! Its crazy how fast time flies and all the good times we had. Thanks for the post cuz loved it!