Thursday, September 3, 2009

the desert is hot

It sometimes is amazing when i stop for a moment just to look around me. i see this everyday at the building next door, but until the other day i had never really looked up.
i wish sometimes i could block out all the cars and buildings(they can be distracting)...i wonder why i live in the city? At least this place has some beautiful skies even if it is 120 degrees!

the other day i discovered what is wrong with me...i thought for awhile i might be crazy but now i know i have what is called cold urticaria or in other words i'm allergic to the cold. Yes that is a real thing! every time i get into cold water i get hives, or if my body gets too cold i get really itchy. so i have decided even though i hate the heat here at least i dont have hives all the time from being cold! YAY i'm not crazy!


Marcus said...

I totally forgot that you get hives in cold water! I remember you telling me that in grade school! Crappy. I wonder all the time why I live here, then fall comes and it's all good again ha.

Marcus said...

haha and this is Traci, I guess Marcus' Gmail account is still signed in!

kate lines said...

i rememeber you coming to clear creek with me and getting hives. craaaaazy.