Sunday, October 25, 2009

unbelievably happy :)

WOW! I can't believe we have been married a year! I feel like it has been forever! We have dated for a long time before getting married. We started dating in 2005 and have been together since. However we sure had our hardships along the way. Such as Anthony leaving to go to school and leaving on a mission for two years. We somehow still loved each other through being apart! Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Here is to us through the years!

Anthony's Graduation 2005

Talking on chat while he was at BYU.
We were always at the computer or on the phone.

Anthony's wall in his dorm

My senior prom! (I saved the last dance for Anthony. He is so romantic!)

My graduation! 2006 (hat hair!)

This is me missing Anthony on his mission! Hailey, my niece, drew the cardboard picture of us getting married! haha so cute!

YAY! He came home and it was the best feeling ever!
 Dating all over again was so much fun!


Getting engaged sure was awesome too!

This was my favorite moment on our wedding day! It was our first moment alone and married.
I felt so peaceful and happy to be with Anthony!
 I love him!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

two beagles and a color change

Meet my toy Beagle. When I was little I used to think he could fly with his ears (sometimes I secretly think Tilly can fly when I'm not looking.) Since my toy Beagle (for Beagle was his name) meant so much to me I wanted to introduce him to Tilly.

They became pals right away!

Tilly gave Beagle kisses... 

and chewed on his ear.

Tilly loved Beagle so much that....I had to take him away (she might have eaten him!) haha She was kind of sad her buddy left but to me Tilly is my beagle who came to life! Maybe that is why I loved the story of The Velveteen Rabbit

On another note I finally did it! I have always wanted brown hair but been too chicken to go through with it. So look at my progression:
engagement photo...extremely blonde

 Added some brown

and ooh la laa there I am. BROWN. (not the best pic, but you get the point) I've yet to take any decent pictures. I love being brown. Anthony says I'm artificially intelligent now. haha just kidding. It is fun and thanks to Kara (my co-worker, I sit next to all day for 8 hours, my friend, and my hair stylist...she is amazing!)