Monday, October 10, 2011


 I think having a dog has prepared me for kids in a way. I have learned a lot from owning a dog. It was really hard at first with the potty training and not peeing on the carpet. The day we got her she held her pee all day and wouldn't go. I was taking her out every 30 min and then she decided she couldn't hold it anymore. I swear I had never seen so much pee come out of a puppy all over the floor. I even clapped my hands and yelled trying to get her to stop but once she started it just kept coming and I even picked her up and it was still coming out! 

The other frustrating thing was her chewing up cords(x-box, computer cords, cell phone cords), pencils(I'm surprised she didn't get lead poisoning, pens(which got all over the carpet and couch...she got out while we weren't home),  she has chewed up my make up so many times like eye liner pencils and eye shadow brushes( I am the one to blame since I left my bag or them on the floor), and she ruined my favorite high heals (that heal must have been pretty tasty). Wow I'm glad that stage is over! However she still thinks she has a claim on any small plastic object as hers to chew on and q-tips are her favorite thing to find and chew up.  

I learned to never buy stuffed toys for her. I looked away for two seconds and this is what I find. 
Notice the stuffing is hanging from her mouth. Guilty! 

Whenever she has done something wrong all she wants to do is cuddle and tell me sorry. I just can't help but love her. She has her weaknesses like when people come over she gets soooo excited and can't control her noise level or jumping. We are working on it still. I have to keep her in her kennel because I'm afraid people will get scrapped by her front nails. I am worried about her being too excited with a baby. Anthony says we will have to keep working with her. If she can do tricks like sit, stay, twirl, shake, hi five, roll over, play dead, beg and bow I think we can teach her to calm down. Tilly is fun to take to the dog park and she is always so eager to play, go on walks, and meet new people/dogs. Her all time favorite toy is the laser. Even if she hears the click to turn it on she is ready to chase it!

I can't help but love my brown eyed girl and I am grateful for all the experiences she has taught me to be a little prepared to have this baby. I know its not the same thing or close but maybe just a little it has helped change me into a more patient person and serving towards others needs. 


mad white woman said...

You know me, I'm not much of a dog person, but she sure is cute!

And babies don't make messes like that until they are a little older. Ha ha.

Jana said...

Oh, what an adorable little dog! She is the cutest Granddogger that I have!