Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

I love Halloween! It is one of my favorite Holidays for some reason. I just love pumpkins, dressing up, parties and lets not forget candy! Unfortunately this hasn't been the most exciting one since we didn't have a party...well we went to the ward trunk or treat and judged the SCREAM contest! Haha it was really funny to see all these little kids screaming so loud! I loved seeing all the costumes! People are creative! Anthony dressed up as a soccer player and I just went as me or you could say a pregnant lady. I wasn't feeling too well due to throwing up again everyday for the last while. :( I was sad not to dress up but oh well there is always next year! Sunday night Anthony and I carved pumpkins! I couldn't miss out on this one. Anthony said thank you to me and I said for what. He said that it was fun and he wouldn't have done it if I hadn't wanted to. We carved two of my favorite things. Batman and Pirates! I carved the skull and crossbones and Anthony carved the batman symbol.

 Isn't our door so exciting?! haha we actually had more kids this year than last year which was fun! Even Anthony's little 7 year old sister(She was a cheerleader!) and his mom came to visit too! I think more kids came this year because all the kids in our complex like Anthony and I. They always say HI Spiderman! to Anthony and ask me when I'm having my baby every time they see me. They even hang out in front of our door all the time.

On another note we have been working hard on our house. Anthony is awesome!! He has been crossing things off the honey do list! He has re-stained our vanity, cleaned our outside closet, painted and stained our gate(it closes much better now!), he mopped the floor for me since it is hard for me to bend, and he hung a shelf for me!



It was Anthony's first staining project so it is pretty awesome! I am glad it is done and looks oh so much better!

Since I'm saying how great Anthony is I might as well mention that he won a competition at ASU! He entered this Tax Competition for PWC and out of the whole school his group of 5 won $1000 collectively. He brought home a $250 gift card on Friday! Such a blessing and his group's project/presentation video gets sent on to be judged with like 40 other schools. I thought it was pretty sweet! Good Job to Anthony and his Group! :)

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mad white woman said...

Awesome pumpkins. You'll have so much fun dressing up next year with a baby. :) The vanity looks great and winning gift cards is so awesome. Yay!