Saturday, August 20, 2011

A quick trip that happened to take place in Oregon

Oregon is beautiful! I loved every minute of it and enjoyed our trip! We stayed with Anthony's little sister Kelsey and Kasen his brother. It was really fun to see a place so green and spend time with them.  

Our first day there we cooked hamburgers and went on a little walk around their neighborhood, to the park and to see the schools. 
The next day we went to the mall and I bought some new kicks because I needed better shoes for all the walking we were planning on doing and I'm so glad I did! 
We then stopped by a river to have an Ice cream picnic! 

Kelsey and her boyfriend Tanner! It was fun to meet Tanner and have him with us. 
It was pretty hot outside and Kelsey decided to jump in the freezing water! 
Soon everyone followed except me so I just took pictures.

See I was there! Oh and my little belly was too!

They had fun but I was glad I didn't get in once they got out soaking wet. We didn't have towels either so they had to air dry but I don't think they got dry by the time we got home. 

The gang! Anthony, Kasen, Kelsey, and Tanner!

The next day we drove to the coast. In Forence they had Sandboarding and the guys all did it. It was really fun to see because I had never heard of it before. It looks hot in these pictures but it was actually cold and really windy. 

Did I mention that I even went down a little hill? haha it was so fun! 
I have never been snowboarding so it was a fun experience. 

After that we drove to Honeyman's lake and the guys Sandboarded some more and went swimming. The water was actually pretty warm but it was cold because of the wind. 

Anthony has a really bad farmers tan from working outside in 
Texas all summer but he is still so cute!

Kasen in the Sand! 

After the lake we went to the coast and saw the Ocean! 
It is beautiful but I was surprised at how cold it is and windy. 

Then we found Hobbit Trail and hiked down to Hobbit Beach! 
I loved every single minute of this trail and was fascinated by all the trees and beauty. 
I don't think pictures can show just how amazing it was. 

Once we got to the beach we found this beauty of a lookout! Perfect spot for a fire and dinner. While everyone hiked back up to the car to get supplies I got to sit and enjoy this beautiful world. The sun was hitting the waves and the fog was coming up out of the sea. I love the Ocean. I just wished that it was warmer but it was still amazing to be there. 
Me waiting for everyone to get back just looking out over the ocean. 

Before our fire and after once Anthony and Kasen got it started. 

We ate hot dogs and a fire wouldn't be complete without roasted marshmellows and starbursts!

Anthony said that it was one of his top five moments in life! It was pretty spectacular!  

The next day we relaxed and went to the Saturday market. Hippies, Dreds, Tie dye, and people everywhere. It was awesome! I enjoyed seeing all different kinds of people and cool things people were selling and the music playing. 
We also went to Off the Waffle for lunch and it was delicious! 

The last day we were there we went on a bike ride along and over the river.
 I did pretty well and didn't get too tired. 

Thank you Kristy, Kelsey, Kasen, and Gracee for letting us stay with you! 
We had so much fun and would love to go back and visit again soon! 


The Motts said...

looks like so much fun! and so pretty!! congratulations on the baby too!

Yours Truly said...

Holly, that is a beautiful vacation. Your pictures are amazing and now it is something that I want to see and experience for myself. Thank you for sharing! Love you!

mad white woman said...

It is beautiful there. That's my favorite kind of vacation. Hobbit Trail looks awesome.

Thanks again for helping me out this week. Clara loved you watching her. :)