Monday, July 18, 2011

90% Girl!

We have the best families! Anthony, his dad, and Tilly came to Snowflake for a week to spend time with Anthony's brother, sister, and me. It was great to have him with me again. 43 days is a long time! We had fun and the best part was that I am feeling oh so much better! I am still getting shots everyday which helps me to not throw up and it has been so nice not to. When I stop the shots I start throwing up again. It is weird. I felt like we were go go going the whole time this week but since I've been in bed for two months it was nice to get up and do something. We went to the movies, watched some more movies, Kelsey worked on a sweet quilt for her boyfriend, we played games, had a fire and roasted marshmallows and starbursts. Anthony went golfing, and Kasen shot a few rabbits. We went go-carting, goofy golfing, lit a few firecrackers, and just had fun together!

Plus the big news part of our week.... we went to the doctor on Friday! Since my insurance hasn't gone through yet the doctor only did a quick ultrasound but we found out its a GIRL!!!! I was beaming and I think Anthony was in shock. He wanted it to be a boy. He was telling everyone we were just going to confirm that it is a boy. I was totally thinking that the baby was a boy! So that was really fun to find out what is inside of me and to see her little hands. I think it is one of the coolest experiences to see a human inside of me. She is fun to feel her little flicks and kicks inside. I feel like i'm finally starting to show. I have a tiny little belly!

After visiting my wonderful friends and having some good hugs we went back to Snowflake. Craig, Kelsey, and Kasen made me a cake!! Since my ultrasound was only a quick one the doctor didn't want to say with 100% that it is a girl and so they made a cake to tell the story. Haha! He said 90% sure it was a girl!

Here are a few pictures from our week together!

Anthony left to Texas and instead of a cowboy he came back a golfer. Like his new hat?

Anthony left back to Texas today to work for a couple more weeks. Kasen went with them and is super excited! Kelsey flew back to Oregon and it was sad to say goodbye to all of them! However more exciting news we are going to fly back with Kasen to Oregon!!! I am sooo excited to visit their home. I have been wanting to go there for a long long time. We get to have a little vacation! In the mean time I am going to have some fun in Snowflake for the 24th Celebration and birthday parties! Bring on the fun times!


mad white woman said...

I'm sorry you're still so sick Holly! Just keep the end goal in sight, right? I love girls. Especially ones born in December. Yahooo!

The Webbs said...

oh girls are so much fun!! kam and i thought we were having a boy the first time around and were very surprised when it was a girl. you will love it, and the daddys always love their little girls!! congrats you guys!!

Megs said...

i don't know if i told you yet but i'm SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!! congratulations on your little girl!!! your mom told me the news a while ago and i think i forgot to relay my congrats! you guys are going to be amazing parents :)