Monday, May 30, 2011

A very long post about Me

           This year has probably been one of the hardest I’ve ever had. I am not very good at writing my emotions so it probably will not sounds all that hard but believe me it has been hard. I will start from the beginning. In January I was let go from my job. (From lack of work) I loved my job, well loved more than hated. I never dreaded going to work and actually enjoyed making maps, printing, taking pictures, typing over jobs, and really enjoyed the people. With all those things it made leaving really hard. I cried a lot and have missed working there. I felt so lost and wanted a job with everything exactly the same. All I wanted was to go back.
Every day of my unemployment I looked for jobs and felt like it was hopeless (I jump to conclusions a little too fast!). I ended up going to 3 interviews and was only jobless for 2.5 weeks which is pretty awesome considering my next door neighbor was unemployed for six months and applied to over 80 jobs. First of all I owe this all to people who care for me. All interviews were from recommendations. It really pays off with who you know! For my first interview I was so nervous and didn’t want to go because I was so nervous. Also it was too far of a drive that I wouldn’t want to drive everyday to Phoenix so I didn’t really want the job but was good experience. The lady talked to me for an hour! I had to be the one to end the interview. It was weird she was like all buddy buddy with me then never called me back. The second was from my brother’s recommendation and I was nervous as always but it went well. They sounded like they really wanted me and turns out they did. I accepted the job which was in Tempe and only part time but right after I said I would take the Job I got a call from my cousin’s husband and I landed myself another interview the day I was supposed to start at the other job. I called the Tempe job and told them I wanted to go to this interview and see how things went before I started working. They understood and I went to the interview. It went very well and I knew I could do everything the job required. The people seemed very nice and it was only 10 min away from my house! They offered the job to me and I felt very lucky since they had like 150 people send in resumes and interviewed 5. I accepted the job and had to call the Tempe job and tell them. I felt bad but knew I was supposed to take this job.
I started working on Feb 9th at an Accounting Firm in Mesa as the receptionist/secretary/front desk. It was the most interesting experience and I learned very valuable lessons. I feel like I’m the behind the scene sort of person. I don’t like being the first person everyone sees and I’m shy. This job was completely out of my comfort zone but I’m grateful for my time that I was there even though it was a hard time for me. I would come home to cry through my whole lunch hour and come home after work and cry. All I wanted was to go back to my previous job. Everyone told me it would get better. I don’t want to say anything bad but let’s just say someone would put me down and point out all my mistakes in front of everyone else multiple times. I just felt stupid so many times but when you are learning something new it takes a little while to learn it all and they have been there forever it is easy for them. Also a couple of my bosses were A Type personalities and I’m not even close to that so it was very different working for them. Things did get better as I got more comfortable and I have come to learn some accountants are kind of crazy. I found out that Tax season is crazy busy and understand a little of what they go through. Well if you are still with me you might be wondering why I’m not working there anymore. I felt horrible that I had to quit the way I did.
I have the gained the biggest amount of sympathy towards women. You see I’m PREGNANT! Wow that is weird to say! I think that this month of May has been the hardest in my life and in my whole marriage. The dreaded morning sickness began on April 27th and it is still going. I haven’t felt like myself for a long time. Hence the reason I had to quit my job without a two week notice was that I was throwing up and so weak that there was no way I could sit at a front desk in a nice office and answer phones all day. The bathroom was too far away to make it to it and I am so glad that I quit. I have felt half dead this whole month. I didn’t want to take drugs and I have thrown up every pill I take. I felt like Captain Jack Sparrow when he is on land walking like he is drunk. I felt like I was on a boat rocking, swaying, and dizzy. I finally went to a Naturopathic Doctor and have found some relief in homeopathic medicine.  It hasn’t stopped the throwing up but it has helped me feel like I’m on land again.
Yesterday Anthony and Tilly left to Texas. I was going to go with them but I am so glad I have stayed. My mom is taking care of me in Snowflake and it is fun to be here with my family. I am so proud of Anthony! He has finished MCC!! He landed 4.0’s in every semester and is headed off to ASU in August! He is such a hard worker and I am so grateful for him. He left to Texas to work for the summer with his Dad remodeling an old ranch house. I hope to join him when I’m feeling a little better. He has been amazing to me throughout this time. He has made me breakfast every morning, cleaned, cooked, grocery shopping, and done anything I have asked. I couldn’t ask for a better husband. I love him so much!
I know my life could be a lot worse but because of all the help and love from my family I feel so blessed. I still have had some good times this year like spring break and two of my best friends have had babies. Congrats to Sarah and Melanie! Their little babies are adorable!
Well now you all know why I’m such a bad blogger. I first off didn’t want to post about losing my job, then about the job I didn’t like, and then about being terribly sick. Plus I have no pictures but no one wants to see me right now looking tired, weak, and in my PJs all day. Yay to being pregnant! :)


kasey kaufusi said...

yay holly! I know exactly how you feel! I hope your morning sickness goes away, mine didnt! But I am glad your hubby is so good to you its such a blessing! congrats I am so excited for you guys!

Traci Butler said...

Holly, Congrats on the baby news! I feel so terrible for you. Morning sickness, in the moment, feels like it will NEVER go away, hopefully you will get over it soon!

Tell Sarah and Melanie I said congrats on the babies :)

mad white woman said...

I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see a Holly/Anthony baby. :) Sorry you're sick, but hopefully it will pass. I still haven't stopped telling Kara, "It seems so weird back here" every time I go into KS.

PS A blog is a terrible way to find out you think I'm crazy... "accountants are kind of crazy". Yeah, I caught that line. ;)

Shanell said...

What!!!! Holly that is so exciting! I am very happy for you and Anthony! I hope you start to feel better. Miss you!

David and Jana said...

Holly!! Congratulations! I am so sad that you are sick, so sad. But it gets better. Sorry about your work experiences. That is really sad. But things are looking up! You're closer to the bathroom and you have to answer the door if you want people to see you, right? I'm so excited for you, I sure loe you. What is your due date?

kate said...

Holly! This is so exciting! I cannot wait to see your little babe. I'm so sorry your sick, hope you get feeling better soon.

Andrew and Jena said...

Holly I know how you feel!! I found out back in april im pregnant too!! what a crazy ride it is! I would spend days in bed cause i felt absolutely terrible! The constant feeling of being nauseous is the worst! I've been feeling much better though for the last few weeks... I hope you feel better soon too!!! good luck and I'm so excited for you and Anthony!! When are you due?!

The Duffs said...

Holly! Oh my gosh I'm so excited for you!! A little Hall baby... :) such happy news!!

Kelli said...

congrats Holly! You will be a wonderful mommy! Hope you feel better. I promise it does pass.