Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our March was full of one lovely mustache!

For Spring Break Craig and Marni came from Texas, Kelsey & Kasen came from Oregon! Marni's girls came from Springerville. We all met in Snowflake and it was great fun! We ate good food, played games, went shooting, and just loved being together. I have enjoyed getting to know Anthony's brother and sister better and Marni's girls! 

Silly Kasen! He is so much fun!
Two brothers. They are so silly together and you can definitely tell they are brothers the way they act around each other.

Meet Mustachio Antonio Marcho. Anthony loved growing a mustache for March! 
Doesn't he look fabulous?

Anthony's two sweet sisters. Emma and Kelsey! Emma came over to visit for a little while. She is a little ball of fire, you tell by her awesome orange hair. 

The Family Picture. There are 10 of us wow!

Such a cute family!

Beautiful Girls
Who looks stronger? The boys or girls? 

We had so much fun spending time with everyone! We wished it could have been longer but enjoyed having everyone together. I love being around everyone because we are always laughing. I think that is the best part about Anthony's family! 

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