Monday, April 4, 2011

A Wedding!

Anthony's Dad recently got married... well a few days before Christmas. It was fun to be there and see Marni and Craig get hitched! Here are a few pictures we took of the family! I am so grateful for these two people. Craig has always been so nice to me and calls me just to check up on me especially when I'm having a hard time with anything. It has been really fun to get to know Marni better. She is such a nice person and always willing to help and never says anything bad. I love how they both enjoy what Anthony calls, "old junk." Old bottles and stuff like that. They recently went to Tombstone and got me an old bottle and jar. I love them! I feel like I'm always laughing when I am around them and maybe that's why I enjoy their company! 

Congratulations to Craig and Marni!

 Marni has the sweetest four girls! I think they are beautiful and have loved getting to know them!
 They are my step-sisters now!
  We are missing Kelsey and Kasen in these pictures! We were so so sad they couldn't make it
 but were thinking about them all day! 

We had an enjoyable Christmas! Anthony is a difficult person to buy a gift for. He said he didn't need anything and he didn't want anything. I kept bugging him everyday and he finally picked an Amazon Kindle which is really cool! I got a Bamboo Fun! I really enjoy Christmas and being with family and giving gifts. I look forward to Christmas every year!  Plus December has my Birthday :) Anthony surprised me with a beautiful ring and necklace! He is amazing! Lets just say I love December!

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