Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Whole Month of October!

Wow! I haven't posted in a long time! So to catch up here is a post for the whole month of October.
At the beginning of the month I made a trip without Anthony and Tilly to Snowflake to spend the weekend with my parents. I had a blast! It is rare that I get my parents all to myself when I go visit. I rode my horse, watched conference, helped my mom in the garden, and just enjoyed the cool weather. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful sunset!

The field looked like gold! It was amazing!

Digging up carrots is hard work! I loved being able to work
outside in the dirt and talk with my mom.

 The sad news of the month was my sweet Ginger passed away. :( It was a very hard day (lots of crying). I had said goodbye to her on this trip to Snowflake and so when she went I felt like at least I said goodbye and now she is happy. She was 12 years old and in a lot of pain from old age. She was the best dog! I got her as a puppy when I was in 5th grade and I miss her. I hope you are having fun in Heaven Ginger but I don't think there are any cars to chase. (that was her favorite thing to do)

In Mesa on the 5th we had this crazy storm! The hail was huge!  

When Anthony gets his mind set on something he can't stop till he finishes and so he gets this crazy idea to make a Halo helmet. Nerd! Haha however it was pretty cool to see him actually make it and fun to help him.
 Here is the helmet on the screen.
 Here is his finished product! Pretty cool eh?

 On 10.25.10 We celebrated 2 YEARS of being married! Happy Anniversary to us! We went to dinner at Bandera in downtown Scottsdale and had some yummy ice cream at Sugar Bowl! :) Sadly I am terrible at taking pictures so we didn't get any but we had a good time. 

On to the HALLOWEEN PARTY! I love Halloween! Maybe its because I can act like a little kid and get dressed up! I had been wanting to have a Halloween party ever since we got married but it never has happened. So I was so excited to have this party! Here are some of my decorations!

 Do you like me as a pirate? Arg!

 Doesn't Anthony make the perfect Nerd? He said all he did was put on
his clothes for the day and he was in his costume! haha

Emily Tunnel, Ren Mario, Craig Luigi, and Sarah Tunnel! I just love this! Awesome Costumes!

The Guys!
The Girls!

Tilly watching. She loves to rest her head like this and watch me from the stairs.

On Halloween Night Anthony had to work sadness! However it was his last day at Venezia's Pizza! No more nights! I'm ecstatic about this! I get to have him home and he wont miss out on fun. When he got home from work we finally carved our pumpkins. Mine is the Bat (because Batman rocks) Anthony's is the Headless Horseman. I'm sad that October is over but it was great fun!  


Kelli said...

You guys looked like you had a lot of fun!!!!

dana said...

Holly! That looks like a blast! Bahaha I love James' costume! I didn't dress up this year. I did things I figured out I don't like at all ...haunted houses and scary movies, blah! Love ya Hol!