Tuesday, April 14, 2009

we went to the west

this easter weekend we decided (with scott and sherice's persuasive skills) to go to california for the day. we went to DISNEYLAND and CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE!!! and it sure was a blast!

On our Way!

Scottie Boy!


US in the car!

i love passing through the windmills they are amazing!

So i dont have any pics from disney land haha i was having too much fun!

the next day we went to the beach! anthony was so excited to get there!

The beach ball blew away! anthony chased it so far away!

He saved the ball!


I loved every minute of the beach! my favorite part was shell hunting!

It was soooo cold from the wind.

Ah blissful to lay on the beach!

I dont like wearing my glasses but i forgot contact solution!


It really was amazing! i love the ocean!

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Traci and Marcus said...

What a fun trip. The trips that aren't super planned and are just quick are so fun. The beach is good stuff.