Saturday, February 27, 2010

that name of mine

When you tell your name to people do they sort of giggle or cough out a chuckle? Well I get it all the time.

I am so used to it that I actually laugh with them and proceed to tell them a little about it. My whole life everyone has called me Hol and I went and married a Hall. Hol Hall sounds funny, a mouth full, so when I say my name to people I pronounce it as clear as I can, Holly Hall.

I met this old lady at church and she asked me my name and I told her. She started laughing and said, “Well you don’t hear that every day! That should be easy to remember!” Well the next time I see her she had forgotten my name and I smiled telling her again, she laughed saying “Oh that’s right,” and continued laughing. Wow I’m thinking is my name really that bad? But she then says, “That is so cute, Holly Hall!” She hasn’t forgotten my name since.

I like my name even if people giggle at it. Maybe that is why my middle name is Joy. When I was little I never liked telling people my middle name but Anthony always has called me Holly Joy when he wrote letters and notes to me. Since then I have loved it everyday!

Oh have I ever told you about my few nicknames? They are not crazy ones or strangely different from my name but I do have them. I have always been called Hollis, Hollars and Hollar. Then I was dubbed Holls Balls by the girls at work. At first I hated that one but now I think it is funny. Last is my pirate name! I love pirates! Always have since my dad would tell me pirate stories and when I read Treasure Island and Peter Pan. My brother Scott dubbed my name since he is the pirate Capitan Neck Beard. My name is Jolly Joy Roger! Anyways let just say I love my name! 

I can't tell you how excited I was to see this Restaurant! (We didn't eat there, pirate food doesn't sound all that great haha)

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David and Jana said...

I love your name. Seriously, I never thought about it until now! :) You'll have fun with that one all the time! Thanks for sharing!