Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Sweetness!

When I go home to my parents's house I like to dig through old stuff and find treasures. I get so excited when I find things that were my Grandma's. When my Grandma passed my mom got some odd and ends of her things. Like some of her Jewelry, materials to make dolls, and some rocks. (She was a rock collector!) I'm sure she got other things but those are the things I remember the most. I found this a long time ago but love wearing it. I know its cheap and lots of the diamond green rocks are missing but because it was hers I just love it.

Also in my rummaging I found these cool buttons. I wanted to make them into earrings so I cut off the back part that made them buttons. Bought earring blanks from Hobby Lobby and TA DA!

Then I wanted to make some rings. Take a cool button, ring blank, and some glue to make fabulous! I love them!

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Jenn and Tyler said...

Those are so dang cute!!! So creative!