Monday, March 2, 2009

Salt River!

we went to the Salt River...

it was beautiful, hot, cold, and most of all fun!

at the shore throwing rocks

we made lots of cool splashes in the water!

my wonderful dad, anthony, & brian.

the river wouldn't be complete without a cool umbrella!

and funny Faces! i think anthony has about a million of them! i think they are hilarioius!

and cute little boys! poor thing got sand in his eyes!

kaden tried so hard to lift this rock, i watched him get it all the way to the river by pushing it!

jaxon just loved posing for me!

i love him!

and jett's big cheesy!
overall the river was pretty fun. i can't wait to go again when the water isn't freezing


Him, Her & The Wee One said...

What's up Holly!

Now that you have a blog, I don't need to talk to you when I come into KS.

Ha ha, just kidding. :)

Traci and Marcus said...

We are living on Power and Guadalupe. Not too far from you guys. We really should do something soon. Does Melanie live here too?

millsjana said...

I love your blog, Holly. You have done a great job and definately need to persue your graphics degree. You are amazing! I love you so much!