Friday, March 6, 2009

Three B-Days in a week!

Happy Birthday on Monday to my little nephew Branson Spicer Mills! Love this little kid! He is so adorable! He always will give long hugs and is just so sweet! KISSES FOR SPICE!
Happy Birthday SHAWNA MARIE SMITH!! My dearest sisters birthday was on Wednesday...I couldn't post this because i hadn't given her her card yet (that is her card i made below)! So I now just am posting! Plus i dont have any recent pictures of her! I need to take pictures with her! I love shawna so much she is amazing and a great friend! I hope she had a wonderful birthday and Thanks for letting me come over and chill at your house! I love to spend time with her! I am grateful for her and for being there for me! Happy Birthday!

And finally my sweet husband Anthony's Birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!

Isn't he handsome?! I just love him so much! I'm grateful to have him in my life every single day and to be married to him! He is full of surprises and loves being silly! I'm always having fun when i'm with him! He is someone i try to be better for and want to make happy. He is caring for people and very ambitious to help others! Wait he is ambitious in everything! I love that about him and how he is a morning person and i'm not. I'm so happy that i waited for him for two years and couldn't be happier! I hope that he has a great day and i will post pictures of our festivities later on! Happy Birthday to you ALL! I love you!

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millsjana said...

What a fun week that was! Branson, Shawna and Anthony, what awesome people. I love them too. Thanks for recording these special days. I loved your kite card too. I am so glad that you took pictures of it. You are so clever and creative!