Friday, March 13, 2009

camping long ago

This was from a long time ago camping at Green's Peak for labor day. It was before we were married so we each had our tents and had so much fun!
I found these pictures and thought they were cute!

Anthony and my dad played horseshoes! They are both pretty good!

(i think my dad won though) they were fun to watch! i unfortuantly couldn't seem to throw the shoe in the right direction or land in the spot i wanted it was either too close or too far away! haha but it was fun trying.

Love him!

Camping wouldn't be complete without a dirty mouth!

And the freezing cold, while playing cards!
And kisses to keep my nose warm!


I want to go camping so bad! I love it! Even if i have to wear my glasses!

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Traci and Marcus said...

Aww so cute. I love camping at Greens Peak. I'm terrible at horse shoes so you aren't alone! I'm lucky to get it half way to the stake. I love all your new posts :)