Friday, January 27, 2012

Two weeks of Christmas

I know this is way past Christmas but at least it is still in January! The week of Christmas was spent in Snowflake with my family. I kept Eisley away from everyone to keep her safe from germs and in her car seat a lot of the time. It was fun to see all my family and to spend time with them. Anthony and I got the very best Christmas present! A little cute baby! 
 Our little family on Christmas :)

 Grandma Mills, who is the best mom and grandma!

 My oldest niece Hailey and I. I love her so much and can't believe she is turning 11 this year! She is so sweet and I love to talk about books with her think it is awesome she likes to read! Keep it up Hailey!

Anthony always joins in the Fun! 

As you can see he still is joining in the fun with his family too! They came the week after Christmas to visit and see baby Eisley! It was so fun to have Craig, Marni,(Texas) Riley, Madison, Lauren, Jordon,(Round Valley) Kelsey, & Kasen(Oregon) here in Mesa!
Kelsey and Anthony playing Just Dance. It was so funny!

Thank you for coming to visit and for spending time together! I can't wait for this coming Christmas to do it all again! Eisley loved meeting everyone for the first time and we miss you all so much! Sorry I didn't get pictures with Marni's girls! I am so bad at remembering to take pictures! Love you ALL! 

Eisley loves you too! I think she has a reddish tint to her hair. What do you think? 

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mad white woman said...

Now that my kids are healthy, I've been working a ton, but I really want to come see that sweet baby! (and you too, of course :)).