Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Lights

At the beginning of December my mom surprised me with Christmas decorations! She bought me a cute little tree and Shawna gave me some garland and wreath! They are so sweet! It made me happy to have the feeling of Christmas in out house. I kept the lights on all day for the whole month! 

Now prepare for some pregnant pictures. I am so grateful my belly is pretty much gone 
and that I can sleep on my back now! 

 This was at the Temple lights they day before I went to the hospital. I love seeing all the beautiful lights and of course just being on the temple grounds is always nice. 


mad white woman said...

Let's start a club for people that have pictures at the temple light 9 months pregnant. :) I was there about an hour before I had Hazel.

Jana said...

I love Christmas! Especially when I can spend it with you!