Monday, May 28, 2012

Picnic at the Park

We had a picnic at the park on Friday. Yummy food - avocado turkey sandwiches, blue corn chips, strawberries, and orange juice. It was pretty windy but I said I would take the wind over the heat. It was really nice to have it cool down and Eisley didn't seem to mind the wind. I think we will do this more often...hopefully the heat won't stop us.

  Our little family on the walk around the lake.

  We saw some ducks and boy they are not scared of people at all! It was cool to get so close to them.

 Eisley fell asleep so we ended up walking around the lake again.

 Yay for awesome weather! This weekend has been great full of long walks, and open windows.
 I am glad we stayed in the Valley for a good weekend!


mad white woman said...

This weather has been super awesome! I've been loving it, but it has made me anxious for fall. Ha ha.

The Duffs said...

You guys have the CUTEST family!! Eisley is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for looking at my etsy shop :) and you are too sweet! I'm glad you like them! Family discount if you every want one :) Sorry I didnt really talk to you at the baptism, it was a crazy day! We need to hang out next time you guys are up or we're down! Hope everything is going well :)

ashley in wonderland said...

so beautiful!

kate said...

She is such a cute little thing. She looks so much like both of you!

It's been SO long since I've seen you Holly Joy!