Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 Months + Solar Eclipse

Eisley is now 5 months! She is growing and changing everyday. I feel blessed every single day to have her our lives. She keeps me busy and always wants to be doing something fun. She gets bored quickly and we have to find things to do to keep her entertained. Thankfully she is starting to scoot a little bit and can get around the room by rolling and inching her way. We like to go to Snowflake because she loves being outside and looking at all the trees and flowers. She loves watching all of her cousins play and especially being with Grandma and Grandpa.

The flower matched her dress!

Pretty flower

Eat the flower

Eisley loves her Grandma so much! She loves to help pull weeds and looking at all her pretty flowers.
 Eisley has discovered her toes and they are quite tasty!

Cousin Milo! They are both so cute and love their Grandpa!

I have to mention that Solar Eclipse was awesome! We watched it through welding masks and played with Shadows. I hope in 18 years to see it again!

The shadows from the trees looked like tons of moons.

Left side of our shadows were fuzzy and the right were hard lines.


His Little Lady said...

oh gosh, wasn't the eclipse just perfect???
and these pictures are absolutely darling!! :)
xo TJ

Jenn said...

SUCH Cool pics HOLL! Love your little one she is so flippen cute and sweet! I love the yellow flower in her yellow outfit! Precious!