Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Onward ever onward

I know this is from awhile back but I have felt busy and adjusting to not having Tilly. We miss her but know its for the best. Tilly's new mom has sent me pictures a few times and she is getting spoiled! They had a birthday party with a cupcake and party hat for her :) We are happy she is in a good place and have been so grateful that they are keeping in contact. I feel like it is an open adoption expect with my sweet dog. 
 On to new things...

Easter weekend in Snowflake
Eisley is growing up so fast! I sometimes wish it would slow down but then again it gets easier now that she can roll all over the floor and grab toys to play with. We went to Snowflake this last week and Grandma Mills spoiled her and all she wants is to be held now. We are having fun with her smiles and personality.

I am excited for the summer. Anthony has finished this semester at ASU honors College with all A's!! Yay so proud of him and he has one more year left. It is getting closer to the end. He has a month break and then will start a paid internship in Phoenix. When he is in Florida for training Eisley and I are going to be in Snowflake and probably traveling back and forth quite a lot. We are planning to go camping a few times too. Here's to fun times ahead!


mad white woman said...

She's cute! And big! :)

Jenn said...

So sad about Tilly Holly! I bet you are so sad! But yes a better place it sounds like. :) Your little bundle is such a cutie! Was so good to see you and her and your Mommy on Sat. :) You looked so beautiful! So happy for your happiness! Loves!