Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Camping Trip

We had fun on our family camping trip. It was really dry and windy part of it but we had a good time. Eisley did really well sleeping through the night and loves to be outside. I love camping by Vernon because it isn't too far and beautiful.

Makeshift binkie holder and she she loves to hold her hands.

Stroller walks with Paityn are so much fun!


Sleeping with her monkey

Eisley loves her daddy! Just don't throw me in the air. She gets so scared when she falls but loves to be held up high.

My family is getting huge! 14 adults and 18.5 grandkids = 32.5people! Wow! 
I love them all and can't wait to go camping again!


mad white woman said...

I love seeing you as a mother Holly. :)

Your family is great. I can't believe how much Dave's oldest girl looks like Meagan! I wish my family lived closer so we could get together more often.

angela hardison said...

how fun to go camping with your whole family! eisley is a beautiful little girl.