Monday, June 15, 2009

Poison Ball

I love these boys! haha Last tuesday Anthony and I babysat for my brother and sister in law. I had so much fun watching them play and playing with them! They are so full of energy i can barely keep up! I dont know how you do it Kari!

Well Jaxon and Kaden wanted us to play Poison Ball! Dont touch the four balls on the tramp or your out! (Only for five seconds according to the boys haha!)

Conner is so cute! I couldn't help taking a picture of him standing there watching them jump! I think is favorite part was playing soccer. Boy he sure does love to kick that ball!

Then we played CRACK THE EGG! The boys needed my help to crack Anthony open! haha

Then they wanted Anthony to bounce them!

Jaxon & Kaden kept wanting him to do it over and over! They even wanted me to do it, but it sure takes a lot of energy to bounce them high!

They are so sweet and love to play! We had so much fun but after telling a few bedtime stories(Jack and the Beanstalk...I found they could tell it better than me...Brian informed me that he got so sick of telling it he started making up his own versions. They know it well.) they feel asleep quickly which led to Anthony and I crashing on the floor. It was so much fun! I would do it again for sure! They are so cute!


David and Jana said...

how fun!! I forgot all about trampoline games!

millsjana said...

You are such a great Aunt Holly and Uncle Anthony! It sure looks like fun with those cute little guys.