Tuesday, June 23, 2009

our little one

Meet Tilly.

Our little puppy of wildness!

She is always full of energy and loves to play! I can hardly get cute picture! (oh and can you see ginger in the back ground? she is my old 10 year old dog...i replaced her... now i'll try not to be too sad when she goes away to heaven)

We sure love our little beagle!


David and Jana said...

When I saw that title, I thought, They don't have a little one. Wait, maybe, already?! So I couldn't wait to see. Not that dogs aren't exciting...but you teased me!
She does look very sweet.

Brette said...

Aww what a cute dog!! I love beagles. Hey I just emailed you. It's from brettegraham@hotmail.com, just so you don't see it and be wierded out :)