Monday, June 8, 2009


So i thought i would share some of my art.
A long time ago i drew this eye on a sticky note.
I've been playing around with it and came up with these eyes.
I thought it turned out alright considering i'm not the best at photoshop. (Please dont mind the horrible eyebrows! haha)

Then i kind of like this picture i created. I color pencil/water painted the orange.
The actual painting of my orange looks more real
but this makes me happy anyways.


angela hardison said...

I love those oranges! Looks awesome.

We are the delightfully happy Denhalters said...

wow holly! you are so good. I could never make anything look that nice. haha I love the green eyes!

millsjana said...

You really need to keep up the art work. You do an amazing job.