Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Anthony!!!

25 things I love about Anthony for his 25th Birthday today!

1 he is happy 95% of the time
2 he doesn't care if the house is clean, all he asks is for a happy wife
3 he cooks a lot and does an excellent job and i love that he wants to go to culinary school with me(someday)
4 he makes friends with good people at ASU
5 his passion about learning new things and that he wants to know how to do so many different things
6 his desire to own his own business and be an entrepreneur
7 all people like him when they get to know him
8 he takes Tilly out every morning and gives her baths
9 that he makes silly faces out the car to random people (which usually embarrasses me)
10 when no one is around he always honks the car horn
11 he hates to drive but always will
12 he has a long board, can skate and snowboard
13 plays the guitar and was in a screamo band in high school
14 can do really cool pen tricks
15 he likes to read books and never procrastinates on his homework
16 he likes to teach lessons in church and is really good at getting people involved in the lesson
17 loves the scouting program (fitting that it's his calling) he likes it because it helped him so much in his life
18 that he served a mission Canada Montreal French Speaking
19 that he kissed me for the first time on top of the Effiel Tower in Paris :D
20 that he always loves me no matter what
21 that all the kids in our complex love to say hi to Spiderman! (they think he looks like Toby McGuire)
22 he is a wonderful dad! he will give Eisley baths and babysit whenever I need him to
23 always does what I ask him to do even if he doesn't want to
24 he will go grocery shopping for me when I need some help
25 that he is confident and such a good example to me

I love him so much and love learning new things about him each day. I could keep going about all the things I love but i'll stop at 25! He is a really good person and I can't express how grateful I am to have such an amazing husband and best friend! Happy Birthday my Love!


mad white woman said...

Aww, how sweet. :) Happy Birthday Anthony!

Krista said...

Your first kiss was in PARIS... that is so Romantic! ahhhhh, too cute! Happy birthday Anthony!

angela hardison said...

happy belated birthday, anthony!

you're right - he is pretty awesome.