Monday, December 28, 2009

bright lights

This Christmas was great! My whole family was there on Christmas Night! It was fun to have all of my siblings and their kids. We had good food, presents, and games! I love when everyone is there. It can be really loud and a bit crazy but it is fun! I love how Christmas trees are kind of like a big mess. They are an assortment of random things and I love it.

This is all the Grandkids stockings minus the newest addition Gracie.

We had a Nativity enactment on Christmas Eve. We didn't have everyone there at the time hence the few actors!

We aslo had a reindeer contest. Three groups and we had to turn someone into a reindeer using nylons, balloons, wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, and tinsel. It was hilarious. The little reindeer on the left Madi was my groups. Hailey was in the middle and Anthony volunteered to be the reindeer for his group. haha and I got to unwrap him in the end!

The best part probably was Hailey wrapped me up as a present using her reindeer outfit. haha this picture was only halfway wrapped. By the end I couldn't even see I had so much tinsel on me.

Oh and to let you see. This is our new house! Well townhouse and we love it! I'll show inside pics soon!


kate lines said...

how fun. at our chirstmas party, everytime i saw spicer i said "hi card!" i can't believe how big all those kids are!

Jana said...

Christmas was soooo fun. I loved the reindeer game. Anthony was such a good sport to volunteer to dress up as one. Thanks for being there and taking pictures! You are the best!