Thursday, November 12, 2009

leap into the wind

Guess what? We bought a Townhouse! YAY! Too bad it has needed tons of fixing up and cleaning! It has been a project for sure. I have been so tired spending every moment washing, cleaning, painting, sanding, etc. So to get my  mind off all the working here are some colors and moments from the past few weeks!

a cloudy blue gray sky always makes me happy

orange pumpkins!

yellow rose petals

burnt orange (sarah's lovely bouquet)

Sarah is beautiful and I couldn't be more happy for her!
I'm so glad she has joined the married world!
Love you Sarah!!

a white temple

a sweet puppy who has fallen in love with Anthony's long board

sunshine and trees

so good after church on sunday

lastly my grandma zelia's journal of when she was around 16 to19. I have been typing it and have felt her joys, pains, and laughed out loud. She will always make me smile.

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angela hardison said...

i loved this post. also, you have grandma's journal?! i'd love to get my hands on that and read it.