Friday, May 8, 2009

creative in my eyes

i must say that Melanie is one of the most creative and artistic people i know! She is such an inspiration to me! I have enjoyed seeing her art throughout the years! She did this project for one of her ASU classes and i'm throughly amazed. Plus it was really fun to help her out on it!
Can you guess what it is?
Her project theme was anything Fantasy.

The masks were really cool!

We had fun looking through the mirrors to see ourselves!


With hanging masks!

Wow the imagination Melanie has is amazing! I hope she gets an A+ GREAT WORK MEL!


Kelli said...

What was this for? Its really neat. Hey I don't know how often you look at my blog but I wanted to let you know that I posted a funny pic of you and mel and traci and i. You might like it or you might hate me. Hope not! How are you by the way

Megs said...

whoa!!! she was talking about it so i'm glad you have pictures. that is so cool! she is so amazing.

Rhi said...

Mel is so creative. I love it. Thanks for posting the finish project.