Thursday, July 19, 2012

7 Months today

 I can't believe it has been 7 months since this cute little girl came into our lives! She is such a blessing and joy to us. She has been a really good baby so far...cross your fingers. I guess except that she is picky about her milk it has to be the right temperature or she gets mad and wont eat. (oh no because I was such a picky girl!) She smiles at me all day, every time I say Eisley she looks at me and gives me a big grin. Apparently we aren't that funny though. It is so hard to get this girl to laugh! I try everyday and have only gotten a few giggles out.


 It is really hard to get a smile with a big camera is over my face. Plus this girl will not hold still! She is busy busy busy! Pulling her self up next to the couch, dishwasher, bathtub, toys, and the sliding glass door. I already need to get child locks and plug protectors. She opened the tv stand and started pulling things out today. Oh and I caught her sucking on my shoe that she grabbed out of the shoe basket. Ewww gross! I need to start really baby proofing now! Even with this new phase in her growing up it makes me love her all the more!

 This is the only picture she smiled for me :)


Jana said...

Oh, how adorable! Thank you for taking the pictures of your adorable little girl. I can't wait to give her kisses!

mad white woman said...

My kids weren't smilers either... but I realized, especially with Hazel, good/happy babies does not = smiley babies. Now Clara smiles all the time, so you never know. ;)

ryan & kara said...

She is so getting so big! I can't believe it, I love her dress to. She's so beautiful.