Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cute Cousins

I wanted to document 3.29.12. Eisley learned how to roll over from her back to her tummy! We practice everyday and today she did it while she was with Anthony! I missed it! Later I went to pick her up and she was on her belly. I said Anthony did you put her on her belly and he said no. Wow! She rolled over like 5 times that night! I saw her do it too! I went to visit Melanie and little Emmett earlier that day which was so much fun! Emmett is such a cutie and it was fun to have a cousin play date. Well they can't actually play with each other yet but it was still fun to visit with Mel!

Cousins! Emmett 10 Months & Eisley 3 Months

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mad white woman said...

My kids were early rollers b/c they were tiny and had big heads. :) Fun!