Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sticky Spaghetti

Have you ever played with your food? Well I have! Good thing Eisley is too young to realize that her parents play with food! Anthony and I made Elk Pork Spaghetti the other day. It was actually really good. Anthony has also made Elk Pork hamburgers too and they turned out surprisingly delicious! Anyways on to my point about playing with food. After we were done eating I went back for some noodles. I love noodles! Whenever my mom makes lasagna and I am home I secretly hope she has left over noodles so I can snack on! I grabbed the pot and picked up a long noodle and it bounced into my hair and stuck! Anthony said Ewww it is in your hair and I laughed. I pulled it out and threw it away. I said they are so sticky and he said throw one at the door. I proceeded to throw a long noodle at the door and it stuck! I laughed and then started throwing noodles at the door! It was fun and Anthony joined in too! By the end we were laughing and had noodles all over the door and when they would drop on the floor Tilly would eat them. It was a fun moment to remember and I hope that my kids learn to have fun from us but no throwing food! (Unless it is with mom and dad) Haha Sticky Noodles!

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Krista said...

This is so cute! Way to have Fun with food, your kids will love it as they get bigger :)