Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Out in the Woods

This past week I went camping for the whole week with my family. Anthony had to stay home for his nursing assistant class and for work. So I had some fun out in the woods with Tilly. Going camping for a week is kind of a long time without civilization especially a shower! It was rough not having Anthony with me because it was our first time since we've been married that we've been apart. However it was still fun playing cards, going on walks with all the grandkids(I seriously went on so many of them), picking wild strawberries(they were delicious!), being with my family, listening to the forest, watching Tilly have the time of her life, sitting around the fire listening to stories, and just enjoying nature. Camping is dirty yet pretty fun!

HOME SWEET HOME for a whole week!

Tilly loved camping. She was filthy we had to bath her twice and she still has sap on her. I feel bad though because she has been so bored this week. She will just sit there and look at me saying "I need something!" with those deep eyes. Its just too hot to go outside for very long with her.
But isn't she so cute?

Hailey my niece used weeds, flowers, and ferns to make a crown, necklace, and tu-tu. Haha it was funny but Tilly wouldn't wear it for too long.

Once Anthony came for saturday and sunday it was really fun! He got lost finding our camp at 1 in the morning. He drove like 20 miles back and forth just looking for it. He missed the 3 plate signs we had up. I'm glad he finally found us though! Here he is with Kannon!

Tilly & Rosco(Michelle's Puppy)
Camping sure is an Adventure!


angela hardison said...

How fun; I love camping.

millsjana said...

It was a blast! I loved having you with me for a whole week. The walks with the grandkids were so fun too. And your little Tilly is sooooo cute.